“Long Live Atzland”

Will be the cries soon heard in the Denver Metroplex once again.

This campaigns focus is the Re-establishment of the Atztech Corp as a force back in the Denver area.After the brutal eviction of the corp. after Ghostwalker took control of the city.

Our first missions were simply to get our names out there in the Denver Shadows.And all the while looking for week points in Ghostwalkers defenses.

Some background on the main players first of all they have no mommys or daddys the were a product of the genetics lab of Atztech. So they had the best of care when growing up as well as the best training in there respective feilds. But after getting the call to do what they were created to do they answered with all the vim and vigar you would asspect. But after litteraly being “Dropped” into the Denver area they found that it wasnt going to be an easy task. Their first missions went well until there first contact with there benifactor the job was simple one (never a good sign). The job was to extract a deep cover operative from the city gov. Well the first part went well they picked up the target with little problems. Transporting him was uneventfull. But the leader of the group saw fit to ignor a key peice of info gathered by her team they walked into an ambush. Even tho the target got away they had here first face to face with there main opesition Ghostwalker made an unexpected apperance (alltho they were warned). Ghostwalker destroyed the 2 escort choppers with ease but was just enough time to for the target in the main transport sheilded by a mage circle to get a generious lead on the dragon he gave chase leaving the area. Onthe ground tho the runners were faced with 2 tanks and 15 Zone Defence Force oppertives. The battle was a bloody one and the runners were barely abile to defete all but 2 of them before a very upset Ghostwalker showed up. The last view was like one from Jurasik Park with Trex’s large maw roar with disgust as the runners did what they do best disapear form sight. After laying low for a a couple months the crew re-emerged only to find that contracts were put out on some of them as well as there assets were froven. So now with lack of money there having to take more risks with harder more high profile jobs as well as tap the local talents for more support.

Long Live Atzland

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