Long Live Atzland

Welcome to Poor House

Well After some planning the team desides well if there going to get in to Realeste busness might need some operating capital. With there accounts still frozen they deside its now or never to free there start up from jaws of the mighty Corp. So after some carefull planning the team desided that Blaze with her spellcasting and Zeuses expert skills with the computer they would execute a Seami-Flawless liberation of there funds. Blaze took her hard earned nuyen and purched a Increase Logic spell. But while Blaze was spending the time studieing the spell to assist her Technomancer friend he had plans of his own. Like a scab begging to be picked Zeuse summoned up a sprite to help him Exploit the firewall and IC gaurding there dear friend PePe’s account as well as there own. After two sucessfull runs they liberated 145k (cheers) butthey figured it wouldnt be enough so they wentfor more (Greedy). Zeuse feeling full of himself figured he was going to do the next one Solo without the aid of the sprite and sure as the day is long he got caught getting his head nearly bitten off by the IC gaurding his friend Spartan’s acct. The IC then tracked there location in record time a fire fight erupts in the parking lot with PePe Blaze and Zeuses limp body trying to make it to the car. But Blaze was caught by one of her kind freezing her as she was grabbing the car door.PePe defending his friend opens fire over the roof of the car dropping the fist of two wage mages to the ground. the fight lasts a few more minutes with the team barely getting out alive and mere seconds before Knighs Errant showed up to spoil the fun.



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